PLEASE NOTE: All sessions, no matter the size of the box they are in, are 70 minutes long. Last minute schedule changes may be needed.
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Greg Marcus

American Mussar
San Francisco Bay Area
Greg Marcus is a recovering workaholic who offers guidance on how to lead a life of mindful balance and spiritual integrity, drawing upon timeless Jewish teachings and contemporary wisdom alike. Dr. Greg has a Ph.D. from MIT in molecular genetics, worked for ten years as a marketer in Silicon Valley, and now is a stay at home dad, writer, speaker, and workshop facilitator. He discovered a series of empirical steps that helped him cut his hours by a third, but it wasn’t until he started practicing Mussar that he understood why he was driven to work 90 hours a week. He invites you to join him on a Mussar journey, to take one small step every day on the spiritual path towards becoming a Mensch. Dr. Greg is a graduate of the Mussar Institute’s facilitator training program. His most recent book is "The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar."

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